Providing specialist medical care to Canberra and surrounding regions.

More than Medicine brings together health professionals who recognise the importance of taking a holistic view of health and wellbeing. Maintaining health, managing illness, promoting activity and healthy eating are all important tenants for our practice.

Health services at More than Medicine

We provide Specialist consulting services for our doctors based on referrals from your General Practitioner or specialist.

Lung Function Tests

A full range of lung-function tests are available on-site with specialist respiratory technicians undertaking the tests.


A standard 12-lead ECG can be performed at the request of your treating doctor.

Holter monitoring

We offer both 24 hour and 3-day monitoring depending on clinical indication.

Transthoracic Echo

Specialist cardiac imaging provided on site with professional sonographers. Imaging provided on request from specialist doctors, general practitioners or as part of your cardiology assessment.

Stress Echocardiography

Exercise stress testing provided with transthoracic imaging providing a multi-modal assessment of cardiac symptoms and conditions.

Cognitive Assessment


Capacity Assessment


Health links

Useful Resources for Healthy Ageing

Useful Resources for Cardiac Conditions